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Love Lost Sheep

Visited a “christian” forum today.

Read a few of the endless posts arguing about an important point related to an important issue.

If one group is right, the other group is going to hell. But the other group believes the same thing, just with different numbers attached. They are very talented at bashing each other like an Angry Ram.

Too bad I can’t jump in there and straighten them out. I refuse to join, even though I know the truth.

I know they would listen to me.

If you don’t see my sarcasm, I am hereby clarifying: the last 2 sentences are sarcastic.

All we like sheep have gone astray, we each follow our own way. But God Most High placed the iniquity of all on him.

The iniquity of all.

I suppose that includes this post. Angry Ram forgiven by the perfect lamb.

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