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Started with love in ages ago
With raging innocence soft yet sure
Unwary naivete how could it know
Natural confidence assumed the pure

Pure joy with deep emoted bonds
Communed as mortal limits passed
Dim future that surely goes beyond
What lay ahead would not be guessed

Still dreams active faith prevail
Confident as history grows
Striding into the darkening veil
Surely Love will ease the throes

Dark sliver shadow in bright sky
Ignored, Overwhelmed, Inconsequential
As Love can still the saddest sigh
This base – love existential

More love, more weight, more experience
The flying years add to the fray
With every comes a growing sense
Failure, Hope, Love – yet fey

The pure, the dream in common found,
Shared joy, wonder and deeper sense
Drowns now beneath the lexish frown
the garment brilliant has been rent

Struggles now rise to prominence
Balancing the power, juggling the thrones
Seeking the pure, striving to be meant
Listening intently to undertones

Found! Deeper levels, Found! Greater Love
Pure and honest, too good, too true
Yet Dark Sliver now engorges to shove
All earthly hope gone and through

Betrayed, vision dark so clear
Human emotions beyond control
Control their masters, and they tear
Love to pieces, en mass, in whole

Beware the Love that gives the feast
Sudden it may turn and devour
The right is given by lexish beast
To detroy by fiendish, ripping power.

Where once Dark Sliver haunted bright sky
Now searched is the Dark Sky overhead
Hoping against hope, giving last try
For a Bright Sliver to lessen the dread

Bright Sliver exists. Not all are so dark
They are so few, so weak in this realm
But their existence in darkness so stark
Is light breaking through, sunbeam from home.

Pain abates not, twisting Bright Sliver
Plain Love is timid and cannot restrain
Lexish beast unfettered, forever ?
Please, darkened song, be not at last refrain.

The end is not here, Pain and Love still go on
Agony, uncertainty, betrayal and fear
The cadence is such that song can’t be long
I hope and I pray that heaven is near

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