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Madly in Love with People

A man goes to a city to tell them about Love. A prophetess follows him around. He gets beat up and imprisoned. An earthquake sets him free, but he doesn’t leave. But he later writes a letter to the people of that city. And he makes it quite clear that he loves them. And he […]

Love Lost, Life Found

How can a seemingly random discussion of past husbands and other sexual relationships lead a whole town to recognize that Jesus saves the whole world? This story is about a woman seeking water but finding more. It is about prejudice and tribal hatred left behind. Love shattered, yet springing to life with mere words. But […]

Love Lost Sheep

Visited a “christian” forum today. Read a few of the endless posts arguing about an important point related to an important issue. If one group is right, the other group is going to hell. But the other group believes the same thing, just with different numbers attached. They are very talented at bashing each other […]

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven is a common phrase that evokes a large variety of concepts. For some, it refers to a movie about war, subterfuge, sex and honor in two opposing groups, each claiming to be working for the Kingdom of Heaven. The producers of that movie did well at communicating their concept of the Kingdom of Heaven. For other people the phrase is less about meaningless existence and more related to the concept of the domain of the Supreme Being. People who hold such a concept perceive varying levels of integration between the Kingdom of Heaven and the material world. For many, the concept of human justice is paramount in the Kingdom of Heaven: the Kingdom of Heaven is the ultimate expression of human justice: Good vs Evil.
Jesus used the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” often. What did he mean? I found that a careful review of the Gospel of Matthew leads to the answer: None of the above.

Short Church History

This essay is a response to a friend who had recently started on a path to knowing God. This person was exploring the various Christian groups in the area, meeting people from the various Christian factions. It was confusing, with each faction vying for the attention of this person, some through listing the doctrinal failures […]

Suffering Through Christmas

This essay is a provocative look at the deeper Christmas story from a Guest Author. “Christmas used to fill me with such delight. But not anymore. Now the season is a reminder of great pain, sorrow, and loss.’ Follow her thoughts as she finds comfort in the shared suffering in the deeper story.

Forgiveness – Too Hard

A friend asked this question: The teachings in the Bible about forgiveness are hard. People in my life are so stupid. Their actions hurt and offend me. So I avoid them. I pray for them but I can not let my life be affected by them. It makes me feel bad. I know Jesus says […]

Government and Marriage

This essay is a response to a question posed by someone about some friends that faced a dilemma about getting married. They felt that they should be married but could not feasibly do so due to a loss of benefits. They have a belief system that encourages them to try to honor God with their […]

Mother’s Pain

Eve is the name given to the Genesis account of the start of humanity. Other belief systems have similar accounts. This short abstract story is intended to contemplate her story, based on what Genesis says about it, but expanded to imagine what it may have felt like. I think we can relate as we go […]


Started with love in ages ago
With raging innocence soft yet sure


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